Konoha (Bear Edition)


Founding of Konohagakure

61 BC

Started the "one hidden village per country" system.

First International Chunin Exams

13 BC

Held In: ?

Kyuubi Attack

13 BC

Date: October 10th

First Biannual Chunin Exam

10 BC

Held In: Iwa & River

Uchiha Massacre

5 BC

Start of Series

0 AD

Two and A Half Year Gap

1 AD - 3 AD

Just tack on another six months to the end of this.


Take it with a grain of salt, 'cause that's all we have to work with.

First Shinobi World War

57 BC - 50 BC

*ROUGHLY; fucking nothing is time-stamped and I'm ripping my hair out of my scalp. Since the Shodai was alive long enough to teach Tsunade gambling (so I'm guessing she had to at least be 4-5 years of age to understand a goddamn thing?) and during that time the Sandaime was pretty definitely Hokage, that means he passed on the office instead of dying with it? So I'm guessing he probably gave the office to his brother some point right before war broke out, because the Nidaime is responsible for making like fifty thousand programs that are still in use when the series starts, which I'm guessing war was a motivator for. Also, that whole thing with Madara probably bummed him out. And then there was a 20-ish year gap between the wars?
Don't even ask me.

Second Shinobi World War

30 BC - 20 BC

*ROUGHLY; who the hell knows with this one, honestly. Apparently Tsunade took Shizune as an apprentice and left the village "some time after her uncle's death" which I'm going to wildly guess happened during the second half of the war. This means (according to my completely crazy interpretation of events) that she scooped up Shizune and left in the brief No One's Excessively Killing Anyone Else At The Moment period right after the war ended and didn't look back until she got dragged back as the Godaime. Don't ask me how Shizune became chunin then, because I haven't the foggiest.

Third Shinobi World War

16 BC - 14 BC

*ROUGHLY; the Five Great Countries were apparently in decline and had been skirmishing for some time before it finally dissolved into all out war. I'm going with the theory that after an initial break period, it was like the Second GSWW never ended, which took its toll on simply everybody, hence the "shortage of war potential" and the practice of graduating academy students early.

Battle at Kannabi Bridge (14 BC) - Turning point for Konoha, probably the key to winding down the war.

Fourth Shinobi World War

4 AD

What a shitshow. I'll get back to you on this one.


When they were in office, not their entire lifespan!

First Hokage

61 BC - 57 BC

Hashirama Senju (Shodai)

I am confused as to when you did any of the things you accomplished in your life, and it's driving me insane. Please state clearly and precisely in an upcoming chapter a year by year chronicle of your life and we'll call it even.

Second Hokage

57 BC - 53 BC

Tobirama Senju (Nidaime)

a.k.a. The Administrative Overachiever

Third Hokage

53 BC - 14 BC

Hiruzen Sarutobi (Sandaime)

This bitch only spent roughly 17 years out of his entire 69 years of life not being the Hokage.
What the actual fuck.

Fourth Hokage

14 BC - 13 BC

Minato Namikaze (Yondaime)

a.k.a. The poor bastard who was only in office for about a year. Also he had to watch his wife die and seal a demon in his newborn child the same night he died. Your horrendous kind of luck pains me on a spiritual level, good sir.

Third Hokage (Re-Elected)

13 BC - 0 AD

Hiruzen Sarutobi (Sandaime)

Fifth Hokage

0 AD - 4 AD

Tsunade (Godaime)


Sixth Hokage (Candidate)

4 AD

Danzo Shimura (Rokudaime)

Fifth Hokage (Re-Elected)

4 AD

Tsunade (Godaime)



23 BC

Academy Graduation

14 BC

Classmates included Gozu and Meizu. (One of which was on her team?)

Chunin Promotion

10 BC

Teammates included Hayate Gekko and Tokara Kanden.

Fall/Winter Exam held in Tanigakure (River).

Special Jonin Promotion

6 BC


3 BC - 0 AD

Jonin Promotion

3 BC