Untitled timeline


The South Secedes from the Union

January 1861

Confederate Congress said prisoners need the same amount of food as soldiers

May 1861

Andersonville is brainstormed


The search for Andersonville's location begins

November 1863

The construction of Andersonville begins

January 1864

The first Union prisoners arrive at Andersonville

February 1864

Wirz is made commandant of Andersonville

March 1864

Andersonville was enlarged

June 1864

Thousands of men died due to a disease that was traveling around

June 1864 - August 1864

Andersonville reached the peak of 32,000 prisoners

August 1864

The Civil War ended, Andersonville closed

April 1865

Wirz is arrested and taken to Washington

May 1865

Andersonville Cemetery is dedicated

August 1865

Wirz was sentenced to death and hung

November 1865

The site of Andersonville was purchased by the federal government