The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


The United Nations Two-State Solution Passes

November 29, 1947

The plan, as of April 22, 2013, has not yet been implemented.

Palestinian Intifada

1987 - 1993

Palestinians in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip rebelled against Israeli occupation.

The Oslo Peace Process

January 20, 1993

Palestinians and Israelis launched peace talks in an effort to end the Palestinian Intifada that left a significant number of Palestinians dead. As a part of the peace agreement, Palestine agreed to recognize the state of Israel. Israel, on the other hand, agreed to begin the process of ending occupation.

Agreement on Implementation of the Declaration of Principles

May 4, 1994

The state of Israel agrees to end occupation of the Gaza Strip (with minor exceptions) with the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Yasser Arafat Serves as President of the Palestinian Authority

January 1996 - 2004

Yasser Arafat continues to be an influential figure in Palestine. Palestinians were outraged when President Obama did not include a visit to Arafat's tomb on his itinerary during his visit to Palestine in 2013.

Khaled Meshaal Comes to Power


After the assassination of Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi, Khaled Meshaal took over as leader of Hamas and continues in this role.

The UN General Assembly Disapproves of Israel's Barrier

July 9, 2004

The UN General Assembly, citing a ruling by the International Court of Justice, orders that Israel take down the barrier separating the country from West Bank, but Israel refuses to comply.

President Mahmoud Abbas Elected


President Mahmoud Abbas continues to serve as president of the West Bank.

Address by President Obama

June 4, 2009

President Obama outlines his foreign policy with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Cairo. He challenges Palestine to renounce violence and recognize the state of Israel, and at the same time, he asks Israel to stop settlement construction.

Address by Prime Minister Netanyahu

June 14, 2009

Prime Minister Netanyahu vows to continue construction on West Bank settlements and Palestine affirms that it will not begin peace talks until construction in these settlements ends.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Re-Elected

January 22, 2013

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is re-elected as Prime Minister, but the growing influence of Yair Lapid, who narrowly lost the election, is recognized. Two of my articles discuss Lapid's stances on issues such as religious tolerance and civil marriage.