Russian Revolution


The February 1917 Revolution

Women and Men


The protest was growing faster, about 150,000 men joined the women in their protest. The protest had become so out of control that the city of Petrograd was closed down.

Women's Protest


Women that worked at factories walked out and entered the streets to protest. That day had become a International Women's Day because the women of Russia wanted to be heard.



About 90,000 women marched through the streets because they wanted to get benefits in rights. They thought it was unfair how they had to work long ours to feed there families but still suffered poverty.

Czar Was Over


The protest had gotten so out of control that police and army tried stopping it but they did not succeed. It was obvious it proved that the Czar had lost all of its powers. Czar the Second was abdicated on March 2.

Provisional Government vs. The Petrograd Soviet

Petrograd Soviet Tries


The Petrograd was one of the two contending groups that was trying to claim Russian powers. The Petrograd Soviet consisted f the workers and the soldiers.

Duma Rules


The Duma formed a Provisional Government which officially ran the country. The Soviet thought this was a good idea because Russia was well economically advanced.

Trying To Rule


After the Czar rule had ended two contending groups emerged out of the chaos and tried to claim Russia. One of the groups was called the Duma. The Duma represented the middle class and the higher class.

Provisional Government


The first few weeks the Provisional ruled it had abolished the death penalty, granted amnesty for all politicl prisoners and those in exile.

Lenin Returns From Exile

Lenin Worls His Way Up


Lenin didn't have a word at first but he started rising and people started following his word and theory.

Lenin Arrives

April 3, 1917

Lenin arrived in Petrograd at the Finland Station. Many people had gone to the station to greet him and welcome him back..

The October 1917 Revolution


October 1917

Lenin thought that the Russian people were ready to start a new revolution and he held a secret meeting to start the process for it.

Revolution Begins

October 25, 1917

The revolution began and the Bolsheviks took control of the telegraph and than became rulers of Russia

Civil War

Russia Breks Out

June 1918

Russia broke out in a civil war.

The Killing

July 1918

Czar Nicholas and his family were murdered and shot at.