Russian Rev.


February Rev.

Internatonal Women's Day

February 23, 1917

Thursday, February 23, 1917 the women of Russia were ready to be heard. Women workers in Petrograd left their factories and entered the streets to protest. 90,000 women marched through the streets revolting yelling "Bread" and "Down with the Autocracy" and "Stop the War". The women were tired, hungry, angry and wanted change the were tired of working long hours in bad conditions in order to feed their children because their fathers and husbands were busy fighting in World War I.

Men Join the Revolution

February 25, 1917

The day after the revolt of 90,000 women begun, 150,000 men and women decided to come together for change. They crowded the streets and protested all day in the City of Petrograd. The city ended up basically being shut down that day because no one was working; they were all busy protesting.

Czar Nicholas II Gets Abdicated

March 2, 1917

Czar Nicholas was not in petrograd during the protest. Though he heard reports about it, he did not listen and acted as if it were no big deal. By March 1, 1917 it was obvious to everyone except for the Czar himself that he was no longer in power and is rule had ended. On March 2, it was made official that Czar Nicholas II had lost all power over Russia.

Provisional vs. Peltrograd Soviet

Causes of the Provisional Government

March, 1917

The Provisional government abolished the death penalty, granted amnesty for all political prisoners and those in exile. They also ended religious and ethnic discrimination and granted civil liberties.

Lenin's Return

Lenin's Return From Exile

April 3, 1917

Lenin returned to Petrograd at the Finland Station. Tens of thousands of workers and soldiers had came to the station that day knowing he would be there to greet him and welcome him back into Russia. There were cheers and happiness and red flags waving in the air everywhere. There, Lenin gave a speech. He congratulated them on a successful revolution. He also denounced the Provisional Government and called fr a new revolution reminding them that the country was still at war and that the Provisional government hadn't done anything to stop it or give the people food and or land,

October Rev.

Ready For Another Revolution

September 1917

Lenin believed that the Russian people were ready for another revolution. However the other Bolshevik members were not quite convinced.

Secret Bolshevik Meeting

October 10, 1917

A secret meeting of te Bolshevik party leaders were held. Lenin used all of his powers or persuasion to convince the others that it was time for an armed insurrection. A vote was taken the next morning and it was ten to two in favor of a revolution. The people themselves were ready.

Troops Take Control for The Bolsheviks

October 25, 1917

in the very earl hours of ths day the revoltuion began. Troops began to take control of the telegraph, power station, strategic bridges, post office, train stations, and the state bank. Control over these posts withing the city were handed over to the Bolsheviks with barely a shot fired.

Civil War

Duration of the Civil War

1918 - 1920

The Civil War lasted over two years and was bloody, brutal, and cruel. The Reds won but at the expense of millions of people killed.

Civil War Breaks Out

June 1918

Russia broke out into civil war. It was the whites against the red. the whites were against the Soviets and the reds were the Bolshevik regime..

The Execution of the Czar's

July 16, 1918 - july 17, 1918

Czar Nicholas, his wife, their children, the family dog, three of their servants, and the family doctor were all woken up, taken to the basement and shot.