Russian Revolution

It was in 1917.

The February 1917 Russian Revolution

This is where things start to change in Russia. The Czar of Russia is questioned into whether or not e should stay in power.

Women revolt in Petrograd

February 23, 1917

Women wanted food and better working conditions. It was International Women's Day. They wanted change.

Shut down in Petrograd

February 25, 1917

No one worked today as a protest to the Russian authorities.

Czar is overthrown

March 1, 1917 - March 2, 1917

People thought the Czar didnt care about the people. The Czar didn't even know that the people were upset with him till it was too late.

Provisional vs. Petrograd Soviet

The rid of the death penalty

March, 1917

The Provisional Government got rid of the death penalty, it granted political prisoners and those in exile, ended religious and ethnic discrimination, and granted civil liberties.

The Provisional Government

March, 1917

The Provisional Government in Russia believed that they should honor their allies in World War 1 and Lenin did not agree.

Lenin's Return

Exile for Lenin

February, 1917

Lenin was living in exile when the February Revolution transformed in Russia. Once the Provisional Government allowed political exiles back into Russia, Lenin came on a train home.

Lenin arrives in Petrograd in Finland Station

April 3, 1917

He called for a new revolution in Russia. Also he called out that the Provisional Government haven't give any land or bread to the people of Russia.

Civil Return

Civil war breaks out in Russia

June, 1918

When Lenin breaks all the promises he has made, the people call for a civil war. It was the whites(against Soviets) and the reds(the Bolshevik regime).

Czar and his family is murdered

July 16, 1918 - July 17, 1918

Lenin thought the whites would free the czar so he ordered the royal family to be killed.

The October 1917 Revolution

This is where Lenin tries to take over Russia with his Bolsheviks.

Ready for change

September, 1917

Lenin believed that the people of Russia was ready for another revolution.

The revolution began

October 10, 1917

A secret meeting with the Bolshevik party leaders was held.

Taking control of Russia

October 25,1917

When Lenin took over he took over the telegraph, power station, strategic bridges, post office, train stations, and state bank. With all of this happening not single shot fired.