Donnie Thorsen


Donnie's birth

July 29, 1902

Born homeless in DC

Member of the local mob

Oct 19 1914 - Jul 29 1932

Slowly moved up the ladder of the mob, ceases to be a member, as most thought him dead and Donnie forgot most everything of his past.

Met Reyna Romao

Jan 1 1920

Reyna opened a strip joint , also a really old vampire.


July 29 1932

Embraced by a maniac that tore into Reyna's place, the Queen's Arena. Donnie loses all memory of his life previous to Embrace.

Taught the ropes

July 29 1932 - October 19 1933

Reyna cares for Donnie, showing him the ropes of being a vampire until he was ready for release. Reyna holds Donnie's sire until she has the information necessary to ensure Donnie is safe and could activate his bloodline, then destroys him. After which, Donnie is taken to the prince to be introduced.

Introduced to the Prince of DC

Oct 19 1933

by Reyna Romao, in lieu of a sire.

Meets Sara, Erik, and Lief in Phoenix


Donnie leaves DC to go to Phoenix to kill a kindred that had pissed off one of his clients. After failing and nearly costing him his life, Donnie is rescued and harbored by Lief Ragnarsen. Lief takes Donnie to meet Sara to keep him safe until negotiations are finished to prevent Donnie's destruction.


1960 - 1965

Finishes the Phoenix job


After holing up in Phoenix for a while and keeping low, Donnie goes back to the kindred he attempted to kill before and finishes the job. Donnie leaves Phoenix and returns to DC.

Mr. Green is introduced

Apr 30 1986

by Spencer


1988 - 1992

Death Metal

Feb 21 1989

Donnie discovers the Death Metal genre and it changes his outlook on life.