Untitled timeline


South Korea Established


Korea divided into to, the south called itself the republic of Korea

N. Korea attacks

June 25, 1950

North Korea attacks South Korea.

Korea almost wins

September, 1950

North Korea pushed South Korea all the way south, almost winning the war

MacArthurs Counterattack

September 15, 1950

MacArthur surprises and strikes behind enemy line and half of north surrenders and saves his army from certain defeat

Yalu River

November, 1950

Us troops approach the Yalu river on border of Korea and china, it seemed as if Korea was going to become a single country once more.

China Helps N. Korea

November, 1950

Chinese intervine and help North Korea to push back the the original border

Armistice ending war

July, 1953

Both sides decide to sign treaty to. End war