French Revolution Wars

Foreign affairs

France Declares War on Austria/Prussia

20 April 1792

French forces advance into Austria but panic and retreat to Lille, murdering commander

Prussian/Austrian forces attack Northern France

1 May 1792

By September Verdun, the last major fortress on the road to Paris was about to surrendor

Brunswick Manifesto Released

1 August 1792

Stated that Austro-Prussian forces were not intending to conquer French land but if the Tuileries were attacked/royal family harmed they would invade Paris

Lafayette defects

17 August 1792

Battle of Valmy - French victory

20 September 1792

Battle of Jemappes - French Victory

6 November 1792

France declare war on Britain

February 1793

encouraged by success of armies and misinformation that Britain was ready for revolution

Home affairs

Decree passed claiming Frances Natural Frontiers

January 1793

Rhine, Alps, Pyrannees - significant internationally as the areas that would be annexed held important trade routes for Britain

Louis executed

21 January 1793