Untitled timeline


Double Headship of Korea


South Korea was pronounced as the South Korea spearheaded by Syngman Rhee
North Korea constituted as Democratic People's Republic presided by Kim II Sung

Korean War Initiates

June 1950

North Korea officially invades South Korea


September 1950

Troops make a amphibian inroad landing in Inchon on Koreas west coat. About haft of Korean troops surrendered.
Pushing forces to the Yalu River winning a complete country was seemingly assured.

The Chinese fight bak

September 1950

Chinese and Americans became major opponents in
Korea's war

The Korean War

September 1950 - October 1950

U.N. troops push North Korea troop to Yalu river
Brisk triumph

U. S. help

November 1950

South Korea pushes back North Korea

Spurious Peace

July 1953

Armistice gesture at 38 parallel