Untitled timeline

devonport, england

her majesty's ship beagle sailed from devonport to complete the survey of patagonia.

devonport, england

december 27, 1831

her majesty's beagle ship sailed to do the survey of patagonia.

cape verde, porto praya

january 16, 1832

rio de janerio, brazil

july 5, 1832

on their way to the plata. they didnt see anything unusual. But the first night they were surrounded by seals and penguins. they were making very strange noises. People could hear it all around the island. the second night they saw fire works. but they didnt know who set off the fire works.

tierra del fuego, argentina

december 17, 1832

He is in Argentina right now. He is now finished discovering two islands. When they settled in a town in the afternoon they saw these people. They were waving their clothes in the air. And during the night they saw fire and heard those people shout. But they never really knew why they were doing that.

Maldonado, uruguay

july 24, 1833

The Beagle sailed from Maldonado to Rio Negro. They ended up being on a river that enters the sea. They found out that 50 years ago, under the old Spanish government, a colony was established there. But now it isn't there anymore because it was founded my civilized American men.

buenos aires, argentina

august 24, 1833

port st. julian argentina

january 9, 1834

bay of s. carlos, chile

january 15, 1835

They sailed from Low's Harbor and anchored a second time in bay of s. carlos, chile. When they anchored there, it was the time when the volcano was in action. The people there could see something in the sky. it looked like a big star. Until it got bigger and closer. Then at 3 in the morning, it presented a very magnificent spectacle.

valdivia, chile

february 20, 1835

This day was memorable because a earthquake happened there one time. Darwin was laying down. But when he could feel the earth shaking. It was a memorable day for them and for the people that lived there.

cocepcion, chile

march 4, 1835

galapogos island, ecuador

september 15, 1835

tahiti island, french polynesia

november 15, 1835

sydney, australia

january 12, 1836

cocos island

april 1, 1836

Once they arrived at cocos island, They were situated in the Indian ocean. They were about 6 hundred miles from the coast of Sumatra. This was one of the lagoon islands.

port louis, mauritius

may 9, 1836

They sailed from port Louis to st. Helena. The people lived on a valley. It was always dark. Not very happy. Guns and forts would fill gaps in the rugged rocks. So they were very protective of their people.


july 19, 1836

falmouth, england

october 2, 1836

It was their last trip. They got to shore on October 2. They left the Beagle at Falmouth. Not looking back. When they sailed on that ship for 5 years.