Felipe III

1598 - 1621

He was king of Spain, Portugal, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia, and duke of Milan.

Felipe IV

1621 - 1665

He was king of Spain, Portugal, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia, Duke of Milan, Sovereign of the Netherlands and Count of Burgundy

Carlos II

1665 - 1700

He was king of Spain, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia, Duke of Milan, sovereign of the Netherlands and Count of Burgundy

Felipe V

1700 - 1746

He was king of Spain, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia, Duke of Milan and sovereign of the Netherlands.

Fernando VI

1746 - 1759

He was king of Spain.

Baroque composers

Claudio Monteverdi

1567 - 1643

He was an Italian composer, gambist, singer and Roman Catholic priest.

Francisco Correa de Araujo

1584 - 1654

He was a notable Spanish organist, composer, and theorist of the late Renaissance.

Louis Couperin

1626 - 1661

French Baroque composer who made significant contributions to the development of Baroque keyboard music. Business harpsichordist, organist and viola da gamba, was one of the founders of the French harpsichord school and invented the genre without compass key prelude.

Jean Baptiste Lully

1632 - 1687

He was an Italian-born French composer, creator of French opera consisting of a complex incorporating staged opera with French aesthetics, plus ballet and profound literary texts.

Dieterich Buxtehude

1637 - 1707

He was a German-Danish organist and composer of the Baroque period.

Arcangelo Corelli

1653 - 1713

He was a violinist of the current Italian and Baroque music composer.

Johann Pachelbel

1653 - 1706

He was a prominent composer, harpsichordist and organist German Baroque period.

Henry Purcell

1659 - 1695

He was a British composer of the Baroque.

Tommaso Albinoni

1671 - 1751

He was an Italian composer of his time Barroco.En was famous as an opera composer.

Antonio Vivaldi

1678 - 1741

He was a Baroque composer and musician, one of the most important figures in the history of music. Emphasize for having founded the genre of the concert.

Jean Philippe Rameau

1683 - 1764

He was a composer, harpsichordist and French music theorist, very influential in the Baroque period.

Johann Sebastian Bach

1685 - 1750

He was a composer, organist, harpsichordist, violinist, violist, singer choirmaster and German Baroque music, the most important member of one of the most prominent musical families in history.

Domenico Scarlatti

1685 - 1757

He was an Italian composer of Baroque music who lives in Spain, where he composed most of his sonatas for harpsichord, why it is universally recognized.

Georg Friedrich Händel

1685 - 1759

He was a German composer, later naturalized English, considered one of the pinnacles of Baroque and one of the most influential composers of Western music and universal.

Historical events

Orfeo (Monteverdi)


Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died


This date is remembered every year by these three writers.

30 years war

1618 - 1648

It was a war fought in Central Europe intervened in most major European powers of the time.

First Opera house


Las Meninas (Velázquez)


It is a masterpiece of the golden century painter Diego Velázquez Spanish.

Universal gravitation laws (Newton)


Isaac Newton discovered gravity, and its laws.



Utrecht Treaty

1712 - 1715

It is a series of multilateral treaties signed by the belligerents in the War of Spanish Succession