Gregor Mendel's document is published.

April 1866 - May 1866

Gregor Mendel presents his document about units of inheritance in pairs to the Natural history society of Brünn. It was praised and showed up in several newspapers. However, nobody really cared.

DNA identified

January 1869 - March 1869

DNA (first called nuclein) is identified by Freidrich Miescher an acidic substance found in the cell nuclei. Again, nobody cares.


June 1900 - July 1900

Mendel's work is rediscovered and confirmed by three separate doctors. This time people actually care.

First experiments on quantitive traits

1903 - 1909

by Wilhelm Johanssen and in wheat by Herman Nilsson-Ehle.

The word genetics is made

Jan 1905 - Feb 1905

Genetics are linked-not independent

March 1905 - April 1905

As discovered by Bateson and Tatum.

The chromosome theory of heredity is confirmed

1910 - 1911

confirmed in studies of fly eye color inheritance by T.H. Morgan and colleagues.

One gene encodes one protein, as described by Beadle and Tatum.

04/02/1941 - 04/03/1941

Genetic material can be transferred laterally between bacterial cells

04/12/1946 - 04/13/1946