Scottsboro Boys

Scottsboro Boys

9 Black Men were convicted for raping 2 white women on a train

March 25 1931

Trials for rape Started and Found Guilty

April 6 1931

The Communists Took the Trial to the Supreme Court

November 1932

A Second Trial Started in Decatur Alabama and Found Guilty

April 1933

Judge Horton set aside the Guilty Verdict in call for retrial Ending in Guilty

June 22 1933

The Supreme Court called for a retrial ending with five left in prison

February 1935

Charlie Weems became Paroled after 12 years in prison


Ozzie Powell was paroled at age 33


Haywood Patterson escaped prison and went to Detroit


All of the Boys were pardoned for false acusement

April 4 2013