European history

A complete (hopefully In depth) timeline of the history of europe



1924 - 1953

If you dont know about him by now, you deserve to be sent to the gulags.

The Cold War

1945 - 1991

The struggle of ideas between the Capitalist powers and the Communist powers

Greece's 'Civil' war


The British and the Soviets fought at Greece to keep each other's ideas from dominating Greek politics. Also caused the US to create the Truman doctrine, in which the use vowed to keep all Soviet ideas from spreading. With the US's help. Britain won.

The Martial plan

1947 - 1951

The US gave European nations money to help rebuild. Also had the underlying reason of preventing the spread of communism.

Soviet blockade of Berlin

1948 - may, 1949

Made to Secure economic control over all Berlin force the western powers to stop making a separate western German state.

End of the Chinese Civil war


Meant that Communism was spreading throughout the world.

Soviet's First Atomic Bomb test


Marking the beginning of much tensions and the nuclear age.

Berlin wall

1961 - 1991

A wall that separated east and west Berlin. Highly symbolic and annoying to the eastern Germans