Conflict in Mali


The French Militia captured Diabaly and Douentza


In this event, the French troops recaptured two strategic cities in the Malian conflict, pushing the Jihadists back and taming the Shariah law that was in effect prior to the event. The Jihadists were encamped in the cities to avoid the air strikes at the time.

6,000 African Troops Remaining in Mali


Also lingering is the French desire to reconquest Mali in its entirety.

Security in Niger Increased


Paris sent Special Forces and more equiptment to help protect electicity sources in Niger. Security has also been increased in France. Islamists have kidnapped construction workers, emphasizing the need for the increased security.

Malian Army Committing Human Rights Violations


The Malian army is accused of committing human rights abuses while fighting to diminish Islamist control of the Ifoghas. Hollande is particularly adamant about making sure abuse is avoided. FIDH claims that the military was responsible for 33 deaths.

Obama Administration Decision to Support France


The U.S. decides to assist France by sending air support, i.e. aerial refueling and warplanes.

French Forces Take Control of Malian Airport


French forces take control of the airport in Gao, marking increasing influence over the stronghold of several Islamic groups.

U.S. Military Prepares to Establish Drone Base


U.S. Military prepares to establish a drone base to increase surveillance on Al Qaeda. Meant to assist with French-led operation and show the strategic importance of Africa in the anti-terrorism effort.

French Forces Take Control of Another Malian Airport


French Troops take control of an airport in Kidal, Mali. This marks one of the last territories to be taken control of in Northern Mali.

Oil Field Hostage Crisis


A hostage crisis occurs in an Algerian Oil Field. This event reveals the decreasing emphasis on anti-terroist policies in Mali/Algeria as well as the possibility that Islamists are gaining power.

Malian Rebels Join French Forces


The M.N.L.A captured Mohammed Moussa Ag Mohammed, an imposer of the Shariah law. The Malian rebels have shown their loyalty to the French forces with this step. Also, Biden and Hollande made an agreement to establish an African led mission to Mali.

French War Plane bombing


French warplanes bomb Islamist militant bases deep in the Ifoghas mountains. Tuareg rebels also announce the capturing of two Islamist commanders.

Decrease in French Involvement


Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announces the desire to decrease forces starting in March. The hybrid model of deploying African troops on the United Nation's dime has fallen out of favor due to insufficient funds. Instead, France decides that the United Nations should begin creating troops to replace the current French Troops.

Increase in Suspect of Islamist Hidings


Islamists are known to be hiding in the rocky Ifoghas mountain ranges, one of Africa's harshest and most unknown mountain ranges. Gunfire also breaks out in the strategic town of Gao.

French Forces Find Stash of Explosives


French forces find a statsh of explosives in which they believe belong to Islamist fighters. There were also two suicide bombings.

Decrease in MIlitary Presence in Mali


Militant forces that previously held posts in larger cities have moved to smaller villages.

French Presence has Increased Threat of Domestic Terrorism


A prominent investigative judge has claimed that the French Involvement has increased the possibility of domestic terrorism, citing that certain citizens of African heritage are becoming willing to fight under the Jihadists.

Nearly 100 Islamists Killed


Chadian officials declare the fact that nearly 100 Islamists have been killed in firefight. It seems that it was the most deadly battle since the war has begun.

United Nations Relief Improving


United Nations has donated $17 million of the proposed $373 million to the relief fund in Mali.

Boko Haram Hostage Incident


The French military decides that it will not negotiate with Boko Haram, a Nigerian Islamist group, about the recent hostage incident that included seven French citizens.

UN Peacekeeping Force Not Set Until April


The UN Peacekeeping Force that has been in discussion for some time now has been forced to be postponed until April. French Forces will not decrease until this time, either.

French Forces Kill Abou Zeid


One of the top commanders of the North African Al Qaeda wing, Abou Zeid, is killed by French forces.

French Forces Remain in Mali


Fighting in Mali is not ending any time soon: French military strikes more Jihadist territories and have called upon (with Chadian troops) more African troops for help.

Mokhtar Belmokhtar's Death Remains Unconfirmed


Increased French Air Force Presence


Fighter jets have increased their aerial presence, revealing an increasing need for French presence.

Hollande Plans to Withdraw Troops in April


President Hollande sets a goal of the withdrawal of troops by early April.

Terrorist Suspects Detained


Two French citizens are accused of organizing terrorist attacks and are detained due to high concern for French security. They were charged with making explosives. It is assumed that the two citizens have a connection to Al Qaeda.

French Forces Find More Weapons


French forces find even more weapons stockpiled by Al Qaeda-linked Islamists. It is presumed that these weapons would have been used for an international attack based upon their size and amount.

Boukary Daou is Arrested


Boukary Daou, the editor-in-chief of The Republican (a Malian newspaper) was arrested for publishing a letter from an army official, revealing corruption in the Malian army.

Declaration of Peacekeeping Approval


French officials decide to introduce a resolution that will approve of the UN Peacekeeping troops to take over.

African Troops Not Prepared for Battle


African and French officials have declared the concern that African soldiers who are supposed to take the reigns in the Malian conflict are by no means prepared for warfare. United States, among other countries, come in to train.

French Hostage Beheaded


Al Qaeda declares that French hostage has been beheaded in protest to the French intervention.

Death of Abu Zeid Confirmed


Official confirmation of the death of Abu Zeid, regional leader of Al Qaeda.

UN Peacekeeping Forces Proposed


UN Secretary-General Ki-moon has said that there will need to be at least 11,200 troops for the peacekeeping mission, in addition to a permanent force to go beyond the abilities of the UN.

Battle Between French Forces and Islamists


Small band of radical Islamists begin a battle with French and Malian forces in Timbuktu. First major violence since January 2013: six proclaimed dead with over 10 attackers.

EUTM Begins Training Malian Army


The Malian Army begins training with the European Union Training Mission. Plans are to completely rebuild Malian troops and prepare 670 soldiers to be combat ready.

Permanent French Force proposed


France proposes a permanent military force of 1,000 troops in Mali.

Joining of French and Ivory Coast Forces


Camel Presented to Hollande


A young Camel was presented to Hollande by the Malian Government as a thank you for the French intervention. A Malian family mistakenly slaughters the camel and eats it, but the Malian Government ensures that they will send a new camel.

Chadian Forces Pull Out


President of Chad decides to pull out all remaining Chadian troops after 3 months of conflict.