World War II events


Treaty of Versaille

10 January 1920

This was the meeting after WWI where the Triple Entente was making restrictions for the Axis Powers Germany took most of the hit because they had restrictions placed on their military and had their country reduced in size. This also destroyed their economy until WWII

Hitler takes control of Germany

1931 - 1933

This is when Hitler takes control of the Nazi party then gains even more power by being promoted to chancellor and shortly after the German leader dies. Hitler than declares himself the Fuhrer

Non Agression Pact between Germany and USSR

August 23 1939

This was an agreement made by Hitler because he did not want to fight on two fronts like WWI even though Hitler was going to break this treaty and Stalin knew it he accepted it anyway to buy time to raise his military.

Start of WWII

September 1 1939

When Germany invades Poland in September 1, 1939 this is the official start date of World War II


May 26 1940

On 26 of May to June 5 the remaining French army and British army were evacuated from Paris losing all control of France

Battle of Britain

June 4 1940

on June 4 1940, the British Royal Air Force defended their home land against the German Air Force and the RAF was successful in defending Britain.

Hitler invades the USSR


Hitler decided to invade the USSR and this solved to be Hitlers single greatest mistake because he was defeated at Stalingrad, lost much of his army, and eventually was pushed back to Berlin

Battle of the Midway

June 4 1942

This was the turning battle on the Pacific front, because after this victory for the US we were never on the defensive again and due to the heavy losses to the Japan fleet they were unable to win any more battles.


August 23 1942 - February 2 1943

This was the turning point in the war for the USSR because the German army of the Eastern front lost many troops because of the USSR winter. After this battle the Russians pushed all the way to Berlin and consequently winning the war.


October 23 1942

When the British troops defeated German and Italian troops sending the enemy troops into retreat. This drove the enemy out of North Africa and gave us control of the Suez Canal

Invasion of Italy


The Allies invade Italy and eventually take the country from the Fascist Mussolini

Battle of D-Day

June 6 1944

This was one of the most famous battles of the war. This allowed the US and Brits to take a foothold in Europe, take back France, and push to Berlin.

Germany is Defeated

April 30 1945

This is the end of the war in Europe and Hitler takes his own life

Bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima

6 August 1945 - 9 August 1945

America drops Nuclear bombs on Japan and threatens to drop more. This scares Japan into surrender

Japan Surrenders/ End of WWII

September 2 1945

Japan surrenders to America ending WWII