Untitled timeline


German Economic Collapse

January 10 1919 - 1935

Germany was in a very bad and vulnerable state. The Treaty of Versailles messed up their economy.

Treaty of Versailles

10 January 1920

The treaty at the end of WWI put Germany in an economic collapse and forced them to turn to a dictator such as Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Hitler takes control

1931 - 1933

Hitler gains power for himself and the Nazi Party. Eventually Hitler is appointed chancellor and then declares himself sole leader of Germany.

Hitler Reoccupies Rhineland

March 7 1936

First case of appeasement by France and Germany. Hitler slowly takes Europe.

Hitler Annexes Austria

March 12 1939

Hitler continues to take over countries, again Britain and France allow it.

Hitler invades Poland(The War Begins)

September 1 1939

Hitler retakes Poland causing Britain and France to declare war on them.

Hitler invades the USSR


Hitler is a complete madman and attacks the USSR. This ends up being his downfall as the Soviets eventually push to Berlin.

Battle of El Alamein


The turning point battle in North Africa. Retook Egyptand removed axis powers from the Suez Canal

Battle of the Midway

June 4 1942 - June 7 1942

The turning point battle in the Pacific front. After this battle, the US does not lose again.


August 23 1942 - February 2 1943

The most important battle on the eastern front. Decisive victory for the USSR. Hitler loses half his army.

Invasion of Italy


The allies come in and beat the snot out of Mussolini.


June 6 1944

The beginning of the push to take back France and end the war. Famous battle.

Germany falls and Hitler Kills Himself

april 30 1945

Hitler and Germany falls, ending the war in Europe.

Truman eats breakfast

June 9, 1945

Truman eats a delicious breakfast.

Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagaski

6 August 1945 - 9 August 1945

We drop the Nukes on Japan, ultimately ending the war in the Pacific.

Japan Surrenders

September 2 1945

A few weeks after the dropping of the Nuclear Weapons, Japan surrenders to the US, ending the war on the Pacific Front.