Tudor Family


Owen Tudor

1400 - 1461

Katherine of Valais

1401 - 1437

Owen or Thomas or Edward

1429 - 1502

They are not sure of his name because he became a monk.


1429 - 1437

They are unsure when she was born.

Edward, Earl of Richmond

1430 - 1456

Jasper, Earl of Pembroke, Duke of Beaufort

1431 - 1495

Margaret Beaufort

1443 - 1509

Henry VII

1457 - 1509

Henry VII ended the War of the Roses by marrying a Yorkist even though he was a Lancastrian. He had quite a weak claim to the throne but had enough power to stop anyone who tried to rival him. When he came to the throne the Treasury was nearly bankrupt but he increased taxes and therefore his wealth.

Elizabeth of York

1466 - 1503

Henry VII married Elizabeth of York to end the War of the Roses.

James IV King of Scotland

1473 - 1513

Katherine of Aragon

1485 - 1536

Married Arthur Prince of Wales (brother of Henry VIII) but was widowed and then married Henry VIII. She was divorced after failing to produce a male child, but signed her last letter Katherine the Queen.

Arthur Prince of Wales

1486 - 1502

Married Katherine of Aragon at his father's request to create unity between England and Spain. Died long before her.


1489 - 1541

Married the King of Scotland.

Henry VIII

1491 - 1547

The King for 38 years, Henry was a keen sportsman in his day but an injury stopped him in his tracks and he became obese. He had 6 wives and 3 children.


1492 - 1495

Died young.


1495 - 1533

Anne Boleyn

1501 - 1536

Anne Boleyn married Henry VIII and again failed to produce a male child but when she saw Henry with Jane Seymor she went into labour early and Henry's male child was born dead. She was beheaded at the Tower of London and it is said that her and her father's ghosts still haunt the Tower today.

Jane Seymor

1508 - 1537

Jane Seymor produced a male child but died during the birth. Henry VIII was devastated and did not remarry for a couple of years.

Catherine Parr

1512 - 1548

Catherine Parr outlived Henry VIII by a year.

Anne of Cleves

1515 - 1537

Anne of Cleves was asked to marry Henry VIII after Hans Holbein painted a picture of her. Henry liked the picture but when he met her after they had married he actually hated her so they divorced.

Mary I

1516 - 1558

Mary I became Queen after Lady Jane Grey died. She was a devout Catholic, so she made the Pope the head of the English church again. She married King Philip of Spain, who was also a devout Catholic. People were frightened of King Philip's power and the marriage lead to Wyatt's rebellion, which was crushed by Mary's army. Philip persuaded Mary to fight the French. The English lost. Mary was getting more unpopular and was nicknamed 'Bloody Mary' because of regular headchoppings and burnings of Protestants.

Catherine Howard

1525 - 1542

Catherine Howard was beheaded.

Elizabeth I

1533 - 1603

Had pretended to be Catholic when Mary I was Queen, but when she herself became Queen, she turned herself and England Protestant. Locked up Mary Queen of Scots and chopped her head off because she was Catholic. Never married, she said she was married to England. Last Tudor Monarch.

Lady Jane Grey

1537 - 1554

Was Queen for 9 days.

Edward VI

1537 - 1553

Was too young to rule, as was made King at only 9 years old. Died aged 16.

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1819 - 1901

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