History GCSE

Treaty of Versailles, Hitler, Cold War, Arab-Israel conflict


Aaland Islands crisis

Corfu crisis

Great Depression

Manchurian crisis

Abyssinian crisis

Spanish civil war

Anti-Comintern pact

Munich Conference


Nazi-Soviet Pact

Declaration of Peace

Bulgaria: Left wing coalition won

Albania: gained power immediately

Yalta Conference

Potsdam Conference

Hungary: communists become largest single party

Truman Doctrine

Marshall Plan

Cuban Missile Crisis

Guerrilla campaign

Bay of Pigs

October crisis


France pull out of Vietnam

Kennedy provides support

Gulf of Tonkin incident

American troops invade

Paris Conference

Tet Offensive

Peace agreements

Saigon falls to communists

Arab-Israeli conflict

end of immigration to America

Balfour Declaration

Sykes-Picot plan

Palestine -> UN

Ben Gurion: declares state of Israel

1st Arab-Israeli war

tension over Egypt/ Czech arms deal

Us government withdraw funding for Aswan Dam

6 Day War

War of Attrition

Yom Kippur war

Sadat to knesset

Israeli invade South Lebanon

Camp David Agreements

Sadat assassinated

Israel invade again

Israel leave Lebanon


Fatah established

PLO founded

attack of Karanama

3 airliners destroyed in Jordan

Black September

PLO forced to leave

Munich Games (Black September)

Arafat invited to UN

Civil war in Lebanon

Israel invade


Arafat accepts res 242 etc.