Untitled timeline



1879 - 1880

Einstein was born in 1879 in Ulm, Germany


1880 - 1881

The Einstein family moves to Munich

Elementary School

1885 - 1888

Pupil at catholic elementary school in Munich, private lessons in Judaism at home

studies elseware

1888 - 1894

Pupil at Luitpol-Gymnasium, Munich, religious instruction at school (until 1892)

Move to Milan

1894 - 1895

Parents move to Milan. Six months later, Einstein leaves Gymnasium without completing his schooling and joins his family in Pavia Italy

New institute

1895 - 1896

Pupil at cantonal school in Aarau, Switzerland

Leaves Germany behind

1896 - 1897

Renounces his German citizenship

New institution

1896 - 1900

Student at the Polytechnic (later the federal institute of Technology), Zurich

Completes first paper

1901 - 1902

Completes his first scientific paper, temporary teaching position at school in Schaffhausen, Switzerland


1901 - 1902

Acquires Swiss citizenship

Family and work life

1902 - 1903

daughter lieserl born to Mileva Maric in 'Novi Sad Austro-Hungarian Empire" Appointed as technical expert third class at the Swiss Patent Office in Bern

New Marriage and works

1903 - 1904

Marriage to Mileva Maric in Bern. Founds 'Akademie Olympia" with Conrad Habicht and Maurice Solovine. Daughter Lieserl probably put up for adoption


1904 - 1905

Son Hans Albert born in Bern

Recives Ph.D.

1905 - 1906

The annus mirabilis: completes papers on light quanta, Brownian motion, and special theory of relativity. Receives Ph.D. from Zurich University.


1906 - 1907

Promoted to technical expert second class at the Swiss Patent Office

New Principle

1907 - 1908

Discovers the principle of equivalence

Bern University

1908 - 1909

Appointed lecturer at Bern University

Job at the University

1909 - 1910

Resigns from Patent Office Appointed Associate Professor of theoretical physics at Zurich University

Second son

1910 - 1911

Second son Eduard born in Bern

Light bending

1911 - 1912

Predicts bending of light

University of prague

1911 - 1912

Professor of theoretical physics at German University of Prague

Professor at Zurich

1912 - 1914

Professor of theoretical Physics at the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

university of Berlin and family

1914 - 1915

Appointed Professor ast University of Berlin (without teaching obligations) and Member of Prussian Academy of Sciences. Separates from his wife, Mileva Maric-she returns to Zurich with the two sons. Signs anti-war "Manifesto to Europeans" and joins pacifist "New fatherland League"

Theory of relativity

1915 - 1916

Completes logical structure of the general theory of relativity

Published theory

1916 - 1917

Publication of the general theory of relativity

writes about cosmology, Director wilhelm institute for Physics in Berlin

1917 - 1918

Writes first paper on cosmology. Appointed director of kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics in Berlin


1917 - 1920

Suffers from a liver ailment a stomach ulcer, jaundice and general weakness. Cousin Elsa Einstein loewenthal takes care of him.

Supports Weimar

1918 - 1919

Supports the new Weimar Republic in Germany

Divorce and Peak of fame

1919 - 1920

Divorces Milena Maric: Bending of light observed during solar eclipse in west Africa and Brazil. First discussions on Zionism with Kurt Blumenfeld. Marries his cousin Elsa. Announcement at joint meeting of Royal Society that Einstein's theories have been confirmed by eclipse observations. sensational headlines in The Times and The New York Times. Einstein becomes a world figure

Meeting Against the general theory of relativity

1920 - 1921

Mass meeting against the general theory of relativity in Berlin

Leiden University

1920 - 1921

Appointed Special visiting professor at Leiden University

visits U.S., funds raises for the Hebrew University, lectures at Princeton.

1921 - 1922

First visit to U.S. with Chaim Weizmann: fund-raising tour for The Hebrew University. Lectures at Princeton University on the theory of relativity.

Political career and lecture tours

1922 - 1923

Completes first paper on unified field theory. Visit to Paris contributes to normalization of french-German relations. Joins committee on Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations Lectures tours in Japan and China. Awarded Nobel Prize for Physics for 1921.

visits Palestine and Spain, Lectues, and publishes

1923 - 1924

Visit to Palestine: holds inaugural scientific lecture at future site of the Hebrew university in Jerusalem, named first honorary citizen of Tel Aviv. Visit to Spain. Lecture in acknowledgment of noble Prize in Goteborg, Sweden. Edits first collection of scientific papers of The Hebrew University


1924 - 1925

The "Einstein-Institute" in Potsdam, Germany, housed in the "Einstein-Tower" starts its activities.

manifesto against mandatory service and Board of Governors.

1925 - 1926

Trip to South America: Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. signs manifesto against obligatory military service. Joins Board of Governors and Academic Council of The Hebrew University.

Debate on quantum mechanics

1927 - 1928

Begins intense debate with Niels Bohr on the foundations of quantum mechanics

Physical collapse

1928 - 1929

Suffers temporary physical collapse- enlargement of the heart is diagnosed


1930 - 1931

Intensive activity on behalf of pacifism

Trips to the U.S.

1930 - 1932

Three trips to U.S.: stays mainly at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, during winter semesters

Supports conservation of the Weimar and anti war became professor leaves germany

1932 - 1933

Supports conservation of the Weimar Republic. Public correspondence with Sigmund Freud on the nature of war. Appointed Professor at the Institute for Advance Study, Princeton. Plans to divide his time between Berlin and Princeton. Leaves Germany for the last time

Leaves Germany, and writes

1933 - 1934

Declares that he will not return to Germany. Resigns from Prussian Academy of Sciences. Spends spring and summer in Belgium and Oxford. Emigrates to U.S. in September Why War? Published.

Writes essays and "the world as we know it

1934 - 1935

Collection of essays The World As I see It published. The Einstein- Podolsky- Rosen paradox published.

Death of wife

1936 - 1937

Elsa Einstein dies.

Evolution of Physics

1938 - 1939

Publication of the Evolution of Physics

Roosevelt letter

1939 - 1940

Signs famous letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt recommending U.S. research on nuclear weapons


1940 - 1941

Acquired U.S. Citizenship[

U.S. consultant

1943 - 1944

Works as consultant with the Research and development Division of the U.S. Navy Bureau of ordnance, section ammunition and explosives handwritten copy of his 1905 paper on special relativity auctioned for 6 million dollars in Kansas city, as a contribution to the American war effort

War affects him

1945 - 1946

Shattered by the extent of the holocaust of European Jewry. Shocked by the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Becomes a chairman

1946 - 1947

Becomes chairman of the Emergency Committee for Atomic Scientist. Expresses public support for the formation of a world government.


1947 - 1948

Intense activity on behalf of disarmament and world government

Supports creation of the Isreal state

1948 - 1949

Supports creation of the state of isreal. first wife, mileva maric, dies in Zurich. Intact aneurysm of the abdominal aorta disclosed.

Autobiographical Notes

1949 - 1950

Publication of Autobiographical Notes

Last will and Testament

1950 - 1951

Signs Last Will and testament: Otto Nathan and Helen Dukas named co-trustees. The Hebrew University named as the ultimate repository of his personal papers. Collection of essays, Out of My Later Years, published.

offered presidency

1952 - 1953

Offered presidency of the State of Isreal

Supports the investigated by Un-American Activities Committee

1953 - 1954

Public support for individuals under investigation by the house UN-American Activities Committee

Russell-Einstein Manifesto and death

1955 - 1956

Co-signs the Russell-Einstein Manifesto warning of the nuclear threat. Rupture of the aortic aneurysm Dies April 18 at 1:15 AM in Princeton Hospital at e age of 76. Body cremated and ashes scattered at an undisclosed place.