Gold Rush



January 24,1848

James Marshall discovers gold at Sutter's Mill

The cat's outta the bag..

March 15, 1848

The Californian, a San Francisco newspaper, is the first to print a story regarding the discovery of gold.

Here They Come!

November 1848

The first ship leaves the East Coast for California with gold seekers aboard.

It's Official

December 5, 1848

President James K. Polk verifies the news of California's gold discovery in a speech he delivers during the fourth annual message to Congress.

By Land...

April 1849

First wagon train departure from Missouri and Iowa traveling to California for the Gold Rush. Over 20,000 people make the trip.

Beginnings of a state

November 13, 1849

A state constitution is drawn up in California. It is ratified by a popular vote (12,872 vote yes and 811 vote no).

California becomes the 31st State!

September 9, 1850

California is admitted as a slave-free state. It becomes the 31st state. First 27 counties are formed. More than 120,000 people live in the state.