Civil War - By: Kabria Carlon


Abraham Lincoln elected president

November, 1860

Though winning in the electoral college, Lincoln's lack of a popular majority (1.9 million out of 4.7 million votes cast) is an indication of the problems he would face with a divided nation.

South Carolina secedes

December, 1860

On news of Lincoln's election, South Carolina (site of nullification fight in 1830s) secedes.

Confederacy formed

February, 1861

Seven states form Confederacy, write their own constitution, and plan for an independent nation.
Place - Montgomery, Alabama

Lincoln inaugurated

March, 1861

Lincoln enters Washington D.C. in disguise because of unrest. Southerners begin seizing federal posts.

Location - Washington, D.C

Ft. Sumter attacked

April, 1861

Lincoln decides to supply Ft. Sumter, but wants the South to fire the first shot.

Location - Charleston, South Carolina

Bull Run (Manassas), 1st battle

July 21, 1861

Gen. McDowell leads 30,000 men against Gen. Johnston's 22,000 Southern troops in an attempt to crush the rebels and go "On to Richmond." South scores victory as Union troops flee back to Washington in disarray. McDowell replaced by Gen. McClellan

Location - Northern Virginia

Ft. Henry & Ft. Donelson

February, 1862

Gen. Grant captures two forts on the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. Confederates forced out of Kentucky and yield much of Tennessee.

Location - Tennessee Rivers