Roman History


Foundation of Rome

753 BC

Overthrow of the Monarchy & Establishment of the Republic

509 BC

First Secession of the Plebs

494 BC

Sack of Rome by the Senones

390 BC

(may have been 387 BC)

Creation of Triumviri Capitales

290 BC

1st Punic War

267 BC - 241 BC

C. Flamininus- Land Bill

232 BC

Land Bill opposed, passed by violence, senate raised an army to suppress him- short civil war.

2nd Punic War

218 BC - 201 BC

M. Postumius (Tax Farmer) trial

212 BC

Dishonest tax farmer on trial, proceedings broken up by fellow tax farmers (only example of trial broken up by violence before Late Republic)

Lex Porcia

198 BC

Magistrates with Imperium no longer allowed to beat Roman citizens without trail before the people.

Suppression of the Bacchanalia

186 BC

A. Claudius Pulcher

185 BC

Consul 185 presiding over elections for following year, got his brother Publius elected by violence at election.

Destruction of Carthage & Corinth

146 BC

Carthage destroyed by Scipio Aemilianus, brother-in-law of Gracchi & grandson (by adoption) of Scipio Africanus.

Ti. Gracchus

133 BC

Elected Tribune, bypassed senate, demoted Octavius because of his veto, passed Land Bill setting up Land Commission, wanted to run again following year, violence breaks out, Scipio Nasica leads senators to brawl- Kill Tiberius

Death of Scipio Aemilianus

129 BC

Mob angry with Scipio for reducing Land Commission, composing a speech for the next day when found dead- accusations fly! Cornilia & Sempronia? No state funeral, people happy (compare to death of Sertorius)

C. Gracchus' 1st Tribunate

123 BC

Gracchus elected Tribune, passes some laws Leges Sempronia (e.g. Magistrates with Imperium no longer allowed to kill citizens without trial) stands down but gets elected again through popularity.

Pompey & Cicero Born

106 BC

Caesar Born

100 BC

C. Fabius Hadrianus

82 BC

Cruel governor of Africa (Marian) house surrounded and burnt down by mob of probably Roman citizens living abroad- killed with all occupants. Occentatio (see Lintott)

Trial of Manilius

65 BC

Consuls Torquatus & Cotta asked by senate to oversee trial and given bodyguards for their protection

Death of Clodius & Trial of Milo

52 BC

Clodius killed by Milo in random fight. Clodius' body brought back to Rome and cremated in Senate House- burns down. Pompey given sole consulship, troops brought in to restore order, Milo exiled, goes to Masillia, Clodius' men all prosecuted.


49 BC

January 10th- Caesar illegally crossed the Rubicon, starting the civil war


Early Republic

509 BC - 264 BC

Middle Republic

264 BC - 133 BC

Late Republic

133 BC - 31 BC