The Civil War Sub-Plots


Lincoln becomes president.

Feb, 1861

The war is raging on

Jan 1862

Union turns the tide

July 1, 1863


South Carolina Seccedes

Mar 4, 1861

South Carolina seccedes and starts the Confederate States of America

The First battle of the Civil War

Apr 13, 1861

Licoln sends troops to Fort Sumter to replenish Fort Sumter and the Confederates see this as an act of aggresion and attack.
After the attack Lincoln calls for 75,000 volenteers for the war, this spurred newspaper writer.

The Battle Grows

May 20, 1861

The South moves their capital 105 miles away from Washington. The Union has there first hero, Ellemer Ellsworth. He gets shot while taking down the Confederate flag. After his death Pr. Francis avenged him.

New Orleans is captured

Apr 25, 1862 - May 5, 1862

Admril Farragut captures New Orleans for the Union. This city was the largest city captured and the battle was 10 days.

Lincoln passes a new law

May 20, 1862

Lincoln passes The Federal Home law, this law permets anyone in the North over the age of 21 can own land of 160 acres+. You could keep this much land as long as they improve it over 5 years.

Sioux uprise

Sep, 1862

The Sioux indians cause in uprise to get rid of white settlers in Minnesota. The attack was lead by Cheif Little Crow, the attack killed 800 settlers. Colenel Henry Sibley's milita stopped the attack.

Emancipation Proclamation

Jan 1, 1863

Lincoln passes the Emancipation Proclamation which allows slaves in Confederate states to become freed. This didn't free many slaves until the state was captured. It did not free slaves in any loyal states.

Lincoln's first draft law

Mar 3, 1863

Lincoln's draft law allowed anyone who was 20-45 become liable to go to war. If people did not want to go to war they could buy a sub for $300.

We win Gettysburg

July 1, 1863 - July 3, 1863

The Union captures Gettysburg, Pennsylviana and it is a cruical win. 13,000 Confederate soldiers charged the Union at Cemetary Ridge. The battle was won by Gen. George Picket.