Pak History

Some important dates in the history of Pakistan.

The Indus Valley Civilization

2800 BCE - 1800 BCE

These people developed bronze.

The Vedic Civilization

1500 BCE - 500 BCE

This brought Hinduism to the region.

The Persians take the area.

519 BCE

The Persians add Pakistan to their Achaemined Empire.

Captured by Alexander the Great

326 BCE

The Greeks take the area.

Indo-Greek Kingdom

180 BCE - 165 BCE

Pakistan is taken by Demetrius of Bactria.

Menander rules Indo-Greek Pakistan

165 BCE - 150 BCE

Pakistan flourishes under this ruler.

The Rai Dynasty

489 - 632

At its zenith it ruled the area.

The Medieval period

642 - 1219

This defines the spread of Islam.

Captured by Arabs


Muhammad bin Qasim captures the southern area of the country.

Ghaznavid Empire

975 - 1187

This was a Muslim Empire after the Arabs took the area.

Delhi Sultanate

1206 - 1526

Another Islamic empire during the Medieval Period.

The Mughal Empire

1526 - 1857

This brought introduced high culture to the region.

The Indian Rebellion of 1857


This was an armed uprising against the British however it failed.

The British Raj

1858 - 1947

The Indian subcontinent is a British colony.

Civil disobedience

1920 - 1947

The Indian National Court called for peaceful protest against the British.

All Muslim League

1930 - 1947

These men called for a "separation of states" between India and Pakistan.



The Pakistanis become independent of the British Raj.

Pakistan and India split


Islamic Pakistan and Hindu India become separate countries after the British are gone.

First Kashmir War


India andPakistan go to war over the northern areas of the region.

East and West Pakistan


After Independence and the Indian Split the new Pakistan is in two pieces, one modern day Pakistan and the other modern day Bangladesh.

Sino-Indain War


Pakistan supported China in a war against India.

Indo-Paki War


A war with India occurs.

Six-Day War


Pakistan shot down 10 Israeli aircraft during this conflict to help its Arab neighbors.

First Real Elections


Pakistan was under a mixed rule of Monarchs and a Military coup until the first democratic elections in 1970.

Bangladesh is formed


After another deadly conflict with India East Pakistan turns into its own sovereign state of Bangladesh.

Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan


Pakistan and the supported Afghan Rebels with help from the U.S. against the U.S.S.R.

Pakistans Constitution


The Constitution of 1973 is reestablished, this is Pakistan's current constitution.

U.S. sanctions


The U.S. imposed sanctions on Pakistan for holding and testing nuclear weapons.

Pakistan Joins the G20


Pakistan joins a group of developing countries that have bonded together.

Osama Bin Laden is killed


Al-Queda leader Osama Bin Laden, the planner of the 9/11 attacks is found and killed in a compound while hiding in Pakistan by the U.S.

A Comparison

A group of familiar dates that help to make the Pakistani dates more relevant.

Buddha is born

563 BCE

Confucius is born

551 BCE

The Great Wall

220 BCE

Jesus is born


Muhammad is born


The Crusades

1095 - 1291

Gengis Khan is ruler of the Mongols


The Gutenberg printing press


Columbus finds the Americas


The Steam Engine


Napoleonic Wars

1803 - 1815


1939 - 1945

The Cold War

1945 - 1991