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Helen Keller



Helen Keller was born healthy in Tuscumbia, AL.

Loss of Sight and Hearing


Helen became sick with meningitis and loss her sight and hearing.

Helen Meets Anne Sullivan


Anne Sullivan, a half-blind orphan, comes to tutor Helen.

Helen Greatly Progresses


Helen makes her first signs ( Doll and Water) and learned braille, all in one year!

Helen Goes to school in New York

1889 - 1900

Helen attends a school for the blind and a school for the deaf.

Helen goes to College and graduates

1900 - 1904

Helen goes to Radcliffe College and becomes the first blind and deaf person to graduate.

Helen travels to make an impact and is rewarded

1924 - 1954

Helen spoke on behalf of disabled people in over 35 different countries and was rewarded with a shrine in her hometown.

Harvard gives Helen an award


Harvard University gives Helen an award for all her accomplishments.



Helen dies, A hero with a ever-lasting legacy, at the age of 88