andrew garner,s preceden

stay out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andrew garner,s preceden

billy bob was born

2000 - 2001

billy was born on may 1st 2000 and he was a little rascal.

billy trind 1

2001 - 2002

the family loved billy so much and he spoke his 1st words.

billy trind 2

2002 - 2003

billy was so cute and he got the name bill for sort

bill killed the famle cat

2003 - 2004

bill was 3 at the time and did not get in trouble for his small age.

bill became a tolter

2004 - 2005

bill was 4at the time and destroy everything in his site.

the hunt begens

2005 - 2006

bill starts to hunt and kill deer with his dad.

the hunt condus

2006 - 2009

bill kill,s and kill,s deer and over and over for 3 years

the end of deer killing

2009 - 2011

bill got booked for assault and did his time in jail.

the love and the end

2011 - 2013

bill got love of his life. 2013 she broke up with him.

the new one

2013 - 2017

he finds a new girl named Addy and they start dating.

the thruth kills

2017 - 2018

Addy was fond with a baby.

in the room

2017 - 2018

after 4years of dating bill and Addy got funky in his room.

the son

2018 - 2019

Addy gave birth to little bill and he was cute.

happnss is in the ring

2019 - 2020

Bill and Addy got marred

happy ending

2020 - 2118

Bill,Addy,and little bill live happy to they die.