History of Sweden (Appendix Dosciento y cuatro)


Economy Switch

1850 - 1890

About 1 million Swedes migrated to the United States, when Sweden changed it's economy to private agriculture, wounding the economy.

Union with Norway Dissolved


After Sweden had assaulted the country of Norway 90 years ago, Sweden peacefully discontinued it's union with Norway

Joined League of Nations


Sweden joins the League of Nations.

Develops Welfare System

1930 - 1940

Sweden creates the welfare system, also known as the Swedish Model.

Swedem Joins United Nations


Sweden joins the United Nations after World War Two.

Develops Nordic Council


Sweden develops the Nordic Council along with Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and later Finland.

Develops European Free Trade Association


Sweden becomes founding member of the European Free Trade Association.

Changes to Right Side of Road


Sweden changes from the left side of the road to the right, causing disorder in the streets.

Olafe Palme Assassinated


Prime Minister Olafe Palme is assassinated for reasons unknown.

Sweden Joins The European Union


Sweden joins the European Union, but does not use the Euro.