Final Event

Final Event

Call Time

05/08/2013 6pm - 05/08/2013 7:30pm

Call time for NRBLB, designers, VeryNice, and video team.

last call for set up, prepare food, check stations, set up confessional/video equipment

Settle In

05/08/2013 7:30pm - 05/08/2013 8:00pm

Greeters at door to welcome guests as they arrive and check in. Designers walking around introducing themselves to critics. Food and bar set up prior.

Doors Open

05/08/2013 7:30pm

everyone arrives at the same time

Viktor Speech

05/08/2013 8pm - 05/08/2013 8:07pm

Viktor to introduce event. why we're all here.

Matt Speech

05/08/2013 8:13pm - 05/08/2013 8:20pm

Matt talks about the process. elaborate on video, introduce designers. describe the process for critique


05/08/2013 8:20pm - 5/08/2013 9:00pm

Confesional set up in aerostream for critics and guests to give their feedback about prototype

Open Critique

05/08/2013 8:20pm - 05/08/2013 10:00pm

Open event with designers stationed around to answer questions and present their work to critics and guests. prototypes on pedestals or some kind of interactive display


05/08/2013 9:10pm - 5/08/2013 10pm

Confessional switches to photobooth which will be projected on wall

Closing Statements

05/08/2013 9:45pm - 05/08/2013 10:00pm

Viktor and Matt thank all the guests for their time and fantastic questions. GOOD NIGHT!

Design Stations


05/08/2013 8:20pm - 05/08/2013 10pm

what else can be made with makey makeys and other materials during the workshop that can be interactive displays for people to play with. we want this to be fun...not a lecture

Make your own song

5/8/13 8:20pm - 5/8/13 10:00pm

station set up with design team member present to allow guests to make their own songs


First course

05/08/2013 7pm

food will be set up prior to guests arrival. all plates and glassware must be out


05/08/2013 9:00pm

switch to dessert



05/08/2013 7:30pm - 05/08/2013 10:15pm

Set a theme for the event. Maneuver for speeches and video


05/08/2013 8:07pm - 05/08/2013 8:12pm

Overview of workshop. description of what was created. thank yous? what we want from guests?

We Are Matik

05/08/2013 8:20pm - 05/08/2013 10pm

Possible interactive experience set up by the We Are Matik Team?!?!

Twitter Feed/Photo Stream

05/08/2013 8:20pm - 05/08/2013 10:00pm

hook up computer to projector and have live twitter feed/photos from workshop/photos from the photo booth