Physical Activity Timeline



September 15, 1960

Gym Class

1965 - 1978

K-12 grade
F: three days per week
I: ?
T: about one hour
T: different activites

Swimming Lessons

1969 - 1973

F: once a week
I: Moderate
T:one hour in length
T: swimming

Ski Club

1970 - 1973

F: twice a week for three months
I: moderte
T: about 2 hours
T: skiing

Field Hockey

1970 - 1972

F: evey week day
I: moderate/Vigorous
T: after school practices and games, about and hour and a half
T: field hockey


1977 - 1980

F: varied weekly
I: easy/moderate
T: varied every shift, part-time job
T: stocked store, sales clerk
high school job, walked to and from

Youngstown State University

1979 - 1983

walked everywhere
Jobs: dietary aid at Park Vista, campus job, Clinic
went to the pool at least twice a week and played raquetball at moderate intensity

Cleveland Clinic


F:everyday full time job
I: easy
T: 40 hours per week
dietetic technician




October 1984

28 years and going strong!
began running with her husband, workout together on Saturday mornings for about and hour and a half and walk the dog after dinner at least 3 days per week

Hillcrest Pregnant P.A. class

August 1988 - May 1989

F: twice a week
I: easy/moderate
T:45 min
T: physical activity class at Hillcrest Hospital for pregnant women only

First Child

May 30,1989

Second Child

May 14,1992

Joined Bally Total Fitness


F: every day
I: Moderate/Vigorous
T: at least an hour
T: RT and cardio
currently still a member

Bowling League

1997 - 1999

F: bowled twice a week on a league
I: easy
T:one to two hours per day
T: bowling



F: at lesat 3 times per week
I: moderate
T: began walking more after dinner, one mile
T: walking

Empty Nest

August 2010

youngest child goes to college so she has more time on her hands to workout and focus on herself