Alaska's History


Bering's first Journey

1723 - 1731

Vitus Bering went on his first journey when he was only eighteen. He was know for exploring the coast of the asian continent and North America. The Bering Strait, Bering sea, Bering Glacier and Bering Island were all named after him.He was and explorer and officer in the Russian Navy.

First Permanent settlement

1733 - 1867

They had their first settlements in the USA in Alaska and the southern part of California.

Cook's Voyage

1768 - 1771

James Cook's first Voyage was to observe the transit of Venus.

Russia Utilizing Alaska's resources

1799 - 1800

The Russian government started a company to continue utilizing Alaska's resources.

Baranov named 1st Russian government

1818 - 1819

Alezander Andreyevich Baranov ran away when he was 15. He became a successful trader, He manage and established trading posts in the Kodiak islands. His journey route was the Cape of Good Hope.

Peter Doroshine

1848 - 1849

Peter Doroshine searched the Kenai Peninsula Bay of Alaska on search of minerals.

Russian Alaska- interests

1850 - 1860

The United States started to become really interested in Russian Alaska

The sale of Russian Alaska

1854 - 1856

Russia, England and a few other European coutries fought in the Crimean War. Russians then weren't sure if whether or whether not their country was safe. The united states then heard about Alaska and showed their interest in the region immediately.

Purchase of Alaska

1867 - 1959

Russia's major role in Alaska had been forcing Alaska Natives to hunt for furs and missionary to convert them to Christianity.
Alaska finally was admittd to the union as a state in 1959.

The treaty of Alaska from Russia

1867 - 1868

30 Ships sailed from San Fransisco to go to Alaska after they heard about all of its wonderful resources, such as gold. This was right after he United States signed a treaty to buy Alaska from Russia

Gold Rush

1880 - 1915

The Klondike Gold Rush started in 1880. People wanted to help fix their money problems from the economic depression, sold farms, and dropped businesses. So the all started travling to Alaska to find gold to fix their problems.

Gold Strike

1898 - 1899

There was a Gold Strike on the Seward Peninsula

Anti Discrimination act

1911 - 1958

This act ment that all citizens within the jurisdiction of the territory of Alaska shall hvae full and equal enjoyment of all public places.

The Territorial Act of 1912

1912 - 1959

Alaska was just a territory called "District of Alaska" from 1912 until it became part of the union as a state.

Native residents of the U.S.A

1915 - 1916

They came up with this complicated procedure for native alaskan's to become members of the United States. First they had to have an application signed by a teacher and then they had to have 5 white residents testify that they have witnessed that person living in Alaska for at least a year.

WW2 event in Alaska

1939 - 1940

Fewer than 300 soldiers were in Alaska at Chilkoot Barracks near Haines during world war 2. There wasn't enough people to guard the coastline of Alaska.

Constitutional Convention

1956 - 1957

When Alaska was given momentum for them to have more control over that territory


1958 - 1959

Alaska officially become a state in 1959, the 49th state of the U.S.A.

Anchorage Earthquake

3/27/1964 - 03/28/1964

The Anchorage earthquake, that was a magnitude of 9.2, it was felt through almost all of Alaska. It caused many tsumani's and 143 deaths. The Earthquake was the 2nd largest earthquake ever recorded.

ANCSA-Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

1971 - 1972

This Claims Settlement was the largest one in the United States history.The act is codified as 43 U.S.C. 1601 et sec

Alaska Permanent fund established

1976 - 1980

This was established in Article 9, section 15 by Governor Jay Hammod.