Napoleon goes


Napoleon's test


Persian loyalist attemted to attack the National Convention at the Tuileries Palace. Napoleon using revoloutionary military tactics ended the loyalist uprising quickly. Napoleon was hailed a hero after this.

Napoleon's Treatie


Napoleon was in many wars with states all over Europe. But with his overwhelming military tactics basiclly forced treaties with Austria, which made France a larger state as well as forming a type of unification in Europe.

Napoleon the Dictator


Due to Napoleons overwellming popularity in France the "Coup d'etat" gave Napoleon this seizure of power. Also in the plebiscite the people voted for Napoleon to have this power.

Napoleon gives back to the people


Napoleon put in place things like dissmissing corrupt officials, providing the gov. with trained officials, goverment runed public schools, and graduates appointed to public office on basis of merit rather than family.

Napoleon sides with Church


"Following the French Revolution, Napoléon recognized that a more stable state-church relationship was in order. On July 15-16, 1801, he concluded a concordat with Pope Pius VII. It recognized that most Frenchmen were Roman Catholic and granted them freedom of worship. The incumbent bishoprics were to resign and were to be replaced by those whom Napoléon, as first consul, would appoint. The secularized church property was to remain in the hands of the government and the government was to support the clergy. The concordat had the effect of neutralizing the antirevolutionary priests who had encouraged peasant unrest."

Napoleonic Code


Basicly Napoleon set up laws , which eliminated injustices but also on the negative side limited liberty.

Napoleon the Emporer


With all his power and popularity, Napoleon crowns himself Emporer of France. His goal he planned to achieve as emperor was to conquer Europe and the Americas.

Succesful Empire


Napoleon Empire campain was very sucsessful at first, forcing the rulers of Austria, Prussia, and Russia to sign peace treaties.

Napoleon Falls


After conflicts with its military superior Great Britian, the French Army was weak. Then France foolishly invaded Russia which resulted in faliure and retreat.

Napoleons none royal end

1815 - 1821

After being banished from France, Napoleon was sent to a remote island Elba off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. He spent his last miserable lonely days on the island and died apparently due to cancer.