Civil and Women Rights


Greensboro Sit Ins


Nonviolent protest of segregationist policies at Woolworth's department store

First Freedom Ride


Civil Rights activists from the north rode into the south on buses to fix the badness

James Meredith is admitted to Ole Miss


James Meredith becomes the first black student to be admitted into the University of Mississippi

March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom

August 23, 1963

300,000 marched on Washington for civil and economic rights for African-Americans; led by MLK and other civil rights leaders

Heart of Atlanta Motel V. United States


Let Federal government enforce Civil Rights Act via commerce clause

24 Amendment Ratified

January 23, 1964

Abolishes poll taxes, which were used to detract from African-American voting

Civil Rights Act of 1964

July 2, 1964

prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin by federal and state governments as well as some public places.

Malcom X Assasinated

February 21, 1965

Civil Rights leader was assassinated in Harlem by Nation of Islam member Talmadge Hayer and unknown others

Voting Rights Act goes into effect

August 6, 1965

Outlawed discriminatory voting practices used to stop African-Americans from voting

MLK Assassinated

April 4, 1968

Civil Rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner was assassinated in Memphis by white supremacist James Earl Ray; race riots followed his death

Woman Rights yo

Equal Pay Act


Tried to end gender pay disparity

Feminine Mystique published


Book that inspired re-emergence of feminist movement

Court rules in Roe v Wade


legalized abortion nationwide

NOW formed


Formed by Shirley Chisholm and Betty Friedan; promoted womens rights activism

Equal Rights Amendment Approved by Congress


Title IX Passed


Equal funding for girls and boys sports

Regents of UC-Davis v. Bakke


Bans discriminatory admissions in public schools