History of the Internet


Internet was Born

October 29, 1969

The first message of internet was "lo" from the ARPANET, this become the core of internet. This was in UCLA. the Second one is called a server, to send and serves up files and messages.

The Internet Grows


Number of computers started to grow from 4-13

The Internet Grows..


computers grow even more at 23

The Internet Gorws..


some people thought there was no need to spend thousands of dollars on computers, at the time you really never needed computers and no one knew what to do with them

The Internet Grows..


Was not till this time computers have hit a 100 and the barrier was broken..

The Internet Grows


more than 1,000 computers were on the network

The Internet Grows..


10,000 barrier were broken, at this time computers were just now getting into peoples homes. Within less than two years went from 10,000 computers to 100,000

The Internet Grows..


By this time there were over a million computers, all within four years!

The Internet Grows..


as another four years went by, over 10 million users were connected to the network

The Internet Grows..


More than 100 million users on the internet

The Internet Grows..


by 2010 1.7 million people are using the internet for whatever reason, almost seems like the internet increased overnight!

Significant Contibutions to the Internet

from 1989-1990 the wide world internet was being used like crazy. every body was saying there were on the internet

Significant Contributions to the internet

Americans online; wide and varied reputation, Americans online is another saying as AOL over 30 million people were using AOL it was a hit in the 90s and 200. 10% of the people on the internet was using AOL, you could use it for games, chat programs, interactive fiction, play e-mail games MMORPG (The first Massively Multi-playing online role-playing game)

Significant Contributions to the internet

percentages of websites 1991-1, 1992-4, 1993-623, 1994-10,022, 1995-23.500, 1996-603.367, 1997-1.681.868, 1998-3.689.227, 1999-9.560.491, 2000-25.675.581 in 2010 there were 230 million websites to be remembered

Signifiant Contributions to the Internet

In 1991 a college student named Linus Torvald developed a non commercial replacement, download systems for free and complete access codes

Signifiant Contribtuions to the Internet

The new "free" culture, no free internet every time your on your bill is going up.
Gutenberg Project-30,000 books
Hulu- thousands of movies and t.v. programs
Wikipedia- millions of articles on many subjects
Sourceforge- 230,000 jottware programs
youtube- milions of hours of video
Pandora/Grooveshark- thousands of songs