Muhammud's Life

Muhammud's Life

He was born

570 - 700

Muhammad was born on the Arabian Peninsula at about 570.

His mother died

576 - 700

Muhammad's mother died when Muhammad was about 5 or 6 years old.

He became an orphan

576 - 700

Muhammad became an orphan at age 5 or 6 when his mother died.

He went trading with his uncle

582 - 700

Muhammad went to go live with his uncle. At age 12 Muhammad went trading with his uncle all around the Arabian Peninsula.

He married Khadijah

595 - 700

Khadijah proposed to Muhammad when he was 25 years old. Soon after, Muhammad and Khadijah had 4 daughters, and 2 sons that died as infants.

He was visited by the angel Gabriel

610 - 700

While Muhammad was praying in the cave he was visited by an angel named Gabriel. Gabriel told him that he was the new prophet.

He went to pray in a cave

610 - 700

Muhammad was troubled by the constant battles for water on the Arabian Peninsula, so he went to a cave above Mecca to pray.

He taught others of monotheism

613 - 700

Muhammad was told by Gabriel to teach others about honesty, justice, and God.

His teachings were rejected

614 - 700

Muhammad tried to encourage others to care for orphans, the poor and women. Unfortunately these teachings were rejected.

He had followers

615 - 700

Although his teachings were rejected, Muhammad had a few people that supported him.


616 - 700

Muhammad's followers wrote down everything he said about God in the Qur'an(the holy book of Islam).

He was boycotted

618 - 700

At about 618 Muhammad and his followers were boycotted.

He went on a Night Journey

620 - 700

One night Muhammad was awoken from sleep by Gabriel, who placed him on top of a winged horse. He then was taken to Jeruselum( I don't know how you spell this word ). Once there he was taken up the 7 layers of heaven into God's presence.

He went to Madinah

620 - 700

Once Muhammad came back from Jeruselum he was asked where he was. Muhammad told them that he went to Jeruselum an gave specific detail to prove it. His