Untitled timeline


Dr. Manette Imprisonment

December 1757 - January 1758

Dr. Manette is recruited to help a rape victim and her wounder brother. He is then imprisoned for attempting to publicize the incident.

Dr. Manette's Journal

December 1767 - January 1768

Dr. Manette hides his journal, which highlights his suffering, in the Bastille.

Best and Worst of times

1775 - 1776

Times are both extraordinary and terrifying at the same time in this pivotal point of France.

Lucie's father found alive in France

November 1775 - December 1775

Mr. Lorry reflections

November 1775 - December 1775

Mr. Lorry has a vision regarding his grave digging habits.

A message is recieved

November 1775 - December 1775

A message is recieved telling Mr. Lorry to wait for mam'selle in Dover.