Chinese Government and Political Leaders

Qing Dynasty


Rulers refused to adapt western ways

Sun Yixian


Led movement to replace the Qing dynasty
He had three goals:
-End foreign domination
-Form a representative government
-Create economic security for the Chinese people

Sun Yixian President

1911 - 1925

Named president of the Chinese Republic
Workers, peasants, students and warlords toppled the monarchy

Jiang Jieshi


An army officer
Took over the Kuomintang Jiang's government (supported by middle class businessman)

Mao Zedong

1930 - 1976

Leader of the Communists
1958: launched a program called the Great Leap Forward
1966: launched the Cultural Revolution to renew peoples loyalty to communism and establish a more equitable society

People's Republic of China


Communist wanted to transform China from an agricultural society into a modern industrial nation

Deng Xiaoping


-Leadership brought more economic freedom but little political change
-Promoted foreign trade and more contact with western nations
-Introduced the Four Modernizations