A Tale of Two Cities Timeline


December 1757

December 1 1757 - December 31 1757

-Dr. Manette is recruited by the St. Evremonde Brothers to treat a raped woman and her dying brother. Dr. Manette is imprisoned for trying to publicize what he witnessed.

December 1767

December 1 1767 - December 31 1767

-Dr. Manette writes and hides a journal of what happened with the Evremonde Brothers and wishes death among their entire bloodline.

November 1775

November 1 1775 - November 30 1775

-Dr. Manette is released from prison to Ernest Defarge.
-Dr. Manette is then released to her daughter, Lucie, and the banker Jarvis Lorry.
-Dr. Manette, Mr. Lorry, and Lucie travel to London.

March 1780

March 1, 1780 - March 31, 1780

-Charles Darnay is tried for treason at the Old Bailey court in London. With the assistance of his lawyers, Sydney Carton and Stryver, Darnay is found innocent.

Summer of 1780

June 21, 1780 - September 22, 1780

-Marquis St. Evremonde runs over Gaspard's son. St. Evremonde is found dead the next morning.


January 1, 1781 - December 31, 1781

-Lucie and Charles Darney marry. Dr. Manette goes into relapse of shoe-making.


January 1, 1783 - December 31, 1783

-Little Lucie is born!

July 14, 1789

July 14,1789 - July 15, 1789

-The Storming of the Bastille. This is the start of the French Revolution.
-Dr. Manette's note has been discovered by Defarge.

August 1792

August 1, 1792 - August 31, 1792

-Darnay returns to France, and ends up imprisoned.

September 1792

September 1, 1792 - September 30, 1792

-The September Massacres begin.
-Lucie, Dr. Manette, Mr. Lorry, Jerry Cruncher, and Miss Pross all come to Paris.
-Dr. Manette's influence saves Darnay during his second trial by using his influence to change the jury's opinion.

December 1792

December 1, 1792 - December 31, 1792

-Darnay is denounced by Madame Defarge and goes into his third trial.
-John Barsad is revealed as Solomon Pross, and is blackmailed into helping Sydney Carton.
-Darnay is found guilty in his third trial, due to the note from Dr. Manette's cell.
-Carton and Darnay switch places at La Conciergerie. Darnay flees to England.
-Madame Defarge is killed by Miss Pross.
-Carton dies to the guillotine.