Key Moments in the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal


Monica Lewinsky begins work at White House

June 1995

Lewinsky transferred to job at the Pentagon

April 1996

Scandal publicly surfaces, Clinton denies

January 21, 1998

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

January 26, 1998

Hillary Clinton, "vast right-wing conspiracy"

January 27, 1998

Clinton's State of the Union Address

January 27, 1998

Clinton invokes executive privelage

March 20, 1998

Clinton drops executive privelage

June 1998

Clinton testifies, apologies to nation

August 17, 1998

Clinton acquitted with two charges of impeachment

February 1999

Clinton finishes second term

January 2001


Clinton-Lewinsky begin affair

November 1995

Lewinsky befriends Linda Tripp, tells of affair

June 1996

Lewinsky leaves the Pentagon

December 1997

Paula Jones Sexual Harassment Suit goes to trial

January 1998

Kathleen Willey's 60 Minutes Interview accusing Clinton of sexual assault

March 15, 1998

Paula Jones case dismissed

April 1998

Lewinsky's dark blue dress with physical evidence of affair turned over

July 30, 1998