Faustus' and Eoin's Timeline

Battle's Project

This is Faustus' and Eoin's timelines.

Lexington and Concord

April 19, 1775

Location: Lexington and Concord
British leader:Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith
American leader: Lord Percy and William Dawers
American numbers: unknown
British numbers: 1,800
American Casualties: 90 men
British Casualties: 250 men
Winner: British

Battle at Bunker Hill

June 17, 1775

Location: Charleston, Massachusetts
British leaders: William Howe
American leaders: Israel Putnam
British: 2,400
American: 1,500
British casualties: 1,150 wounded and killed
American casualties: 450 wounded and killed
Winner: British

Battle of Long Island

August 27, 1776

Location: Long Island.

British leader: William Howe

American leader: George Washington
British numbers: 32,000
American numbers: 10,000
American Casualties: 300 killed
British Casualties: 64 killed
Winner: British

Battle of White Plains

October 28,1776

Location: White Plains, New York
British leader: General Howe
American: George Washington
British Numbers: 13,000
American Numbers: 14,500
British Casualties: 313 killed and wounded
American Casualties: 300 killed
Winner: British

Battle of Germantown

October 4, 1777

Location: North of Philadelphia
British leaders: William Howe
American leaders: George Washington

British: 8,000
American: 11,000
British casualties: 500
American casualties: 1,000
Winner: British

Battle of King's Mountain

October 7, 1780

Location: King's Mountain
British leader: Patrick Ferguson
American leader: James Johnston
British numbers: 1,100
American numbers: 900
American Casualties: 29
British Casualties: 290
Winner: Americans