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Life of Alice Withrow



14 Oct 1874

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Birth in Greenbrier, WV

Oct 15 1874

Alice Virginia Withrow was born in Greenbrier, WV to Valentine Mason Withrow and Margaret Dearing.

Link to her birth record is :

Birth record transcript:
Name: Allie V. Withrow
Birth Date: 15 Oct 1874
Birth Place: Greenbrier, West Virginia
Sex: Female
Mother: Margaret Withrow
Mother's Age:

Mother's Birth Place:

Father: V. M. Withrow
Note: Occ. Farmer, Res. Greenbrier Co.
Father's Age:

Daughter Lillie Withrow born

June 1892

Alice Withrow gives birth to illegitimate daughter, Lillie in West Virginia.. most likely Greenbrier County. I have not currently found any birth documents for Lillie.

I have however, talked to a few granddaughters of Lillie's. They said that Lillie never talked about her childhood. Obviously it was rough growing up the stigma of being illegitimate, but also being abandoned made it doubly hard.

Lillie and Bertha met up with their half siblings late in life. It's currently unknown how they found out about each other, or who made the first move. However, Iris Hurt Smith, Lillie's Granddaughter, did say that Lillie wasn't enthused with the idea of meeting her half siblings. So we know she didn't start the search. It's also believed that Lillie knew Alice lived in Arkansas. Lillie's daughter (Grace) always wanted to meet her grandmother, and knew they didn't live too far away. Just a couple states over. But Lillie would never let her.

Daughter Bertha Withrow born

May 7 1894

Alice V Withrow gives birth to her 2nd illegitimate daughter. Again there is no proof that I have found of her birth.

I am currently trying to contact some of Bertha's grandchildren.

Son George Hetrick born in Illinois

16 March 1903

I don't have a record of this birth yet, but census records all show Illinois. I have talked to grandchildren of George's and some say they believe it was Chicago.

Daughter Nellie Hetrick born in Arkansas

20 June 1904

The Arkansas delayed birth records say Perry County. I need to get further proof of this birth

Daughter Edna Hetrick born in Arkansas

28 Oct 1907

Edna's social security application states that she was born in Bald Knob, AR. Another source states Judsonia. Check White County for birth records for Edna.

Daughters Ruth and Ruby Hetrick born

9 June 1913

Twins Ruth and Ruby are born. Most likely White County, but I have no record of their birth.

Marries W.L. Ward in White Co., AR

24 April 1914

Alice married WL Ward in White County AR. I believe his name was William Ward. The record states that Alice was living in Searcy, AR at the time.

Name: W L Ward
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date (Formatted): 24 Apr 1914
Event Place: , White, Arkansas, United States
Age: 42
Birth Year (Estimated): 1872
Residence Place: Searcy, White, Arkansas
Spouse's Name: Alice Hatrick
Spouse's Age: 39
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1875
Spouse's Residence Place: Searcy, White, Arkansas
Marriage License Date: 24 Apr 1914
Page: 87
GS Film number: 1024574
Digital Folder Number: 004616622
Image Number: 00445

Marries Henry Ward

24 Oct 1916

Alice remarries Henry Ward, who is, I believe, a brother to W. L. Ward. This time it says that Alice is living in Judsonia, Arkansas.

Name: H. L. Ward
Birth Date: 1877
Birthplace: Of Judsonia, White, Arkansas
Age: 39
Spouse's Name: Alice Ward
Spouse's Birth Date: 1874
Spouse's Birthplace: Of Judsonia, White, Arkansas
Spouse's Age: 42
Event Date: 24 Oct 1916
Event Place: , White, Arkansas
Father's Name:

Mother's Name:

Spouse's Father's Name:
Spouse's Mother's Name:

Marital Status:
Previous Wife's Name:

Spouse's Race:

Spouse's Marital Status:

Spouse's Previous Husband's Name:

Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M75079-2
System Origin: Arkansas-EASy
GS Film number: 1024575
Reference ID: Vol. U

Divorces Charles Coates

2 April 1934

Need to get record:

Plaintiff Name: C C Coates
Defendent Name: Alice Coates
Divorce Date: 2 Apr 1934
County: Monroe
Docket Number: 8181
Certificate Number: 2255
Volume Number: 12


19 May 1943

I have her death certificate. Cause of death is hard to read. Buried in Whippoorwill Cemetery by Bradley (?) Funeral home.

Still in research

These are things such as marriages, deaths, etc that happened within a certain time period. However, these things don't have actual dates, or proof, as to when they happeend, etc.

Marries John Hetrick

July 1894 - Jan 1902

Alice married John Hetrick (possibly called Jack) sometime during this time, most likely either in West Virginia or Illinois. I need to find the record of this marriage.

John Hetrick either dies or divorces.

1913 - 1914

I can find no record of John's death, OR a divorce. I need to do some research at the White County courthouse. James L Hetrick (George Hetrick's son) has a bible that states John died in 1914. However, it's my believe that this Bible was written in all at one time.. perhaps by a family genealogist at the time.. NOT by the family as things happened.

WL Ward either dies or divorces

April 1914 - Oct 1916

I need to find record of his divorce, or death.

Henry dies or divorces

1921 - 1930

I need to find a divorce record or death record for Henry

Marries Charles Coates

1930 - 1934

Most likely in Monroe County since she was living in Monroe county in the 1930 census and their divorce was in Monroe County.

Must find this record.

census or residence

Lives in Falling Springs, WV (1880 census)


Name: Allie V. Withrow
Age: 7
Birth Year: abt 1873
Birthplace: West Virginia
Home in 1880: Falling Spring, Greenbrier, West Virginia
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Daughter
Marital Status: Single
Father's Name: Mason Withrow
Father's Birthplace: West Virginia
Mother's Name: Margaret Withrow
Mother's Birthplace: West Virginia
Occupation: (blank. Not even "at school" is marked)

Absent in 1900


Alice's two little girls are living with Alice's parents in the 1900 census. I have no idea where Alice is.

Lives in Harrison, AR (1920 census)


Name: Alice Ward
Age: 45
Birth Year: abt 1875
Birthplace: West Virginia
Home in 1920: Harrison, White, Arkansas
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Henry Ward
Father's Birthplace: West Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: West Virginia
Able to Read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes

Also in the house are:
Name Age
Henry Ward 42
Alice Ward 45
George H Ward 16 (Hetrick)
Nellie C Ward 15 (Hetrick)
Edna S Ward 12 (Hetrick)
Ruby Ward 7 (Hetrick)
Ruth Ward 7 (Hetrick)
Luther Ward 18
Nancy M Ward 16
Edgar Ward 18
Allie Ward 7

Lives in Monroe Co. AR (1930 census)


Alice is living with her step son Edgar Ward in Cypress Ridge, Monroe County, AR. She as listed as a cook in this census.

Name: Allixs Ward
Gender: Female
Birth Year: abt 1877
Birthplace: Arkansas
Race: White
Home in 1930: Cypress Ridge, Monroe, Arkansas
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Marital Status: Widowed
Relation to Head of House: Mother (step mother)
Father's Birthplace: West Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: West Virginia

Lives in Monroe Co., AR


Lives with Ruby Hetrick Carlock

Name: Alice Coates
Age: 65
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1875
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birthplace: West Virginia
Marital Status: Widowed
Relation to Head of House: Mother-in-law
Home in 1940: Brinkley, Monroe, Arkansas
View Map
Inferred Residence in 1935: Rural, Monroe, Arkansas
Residence in 1935: Rural, Monroe, Arkansas
Resident on farm in 1935: Yes
Sheet Number: 1A
Father's Birthplace: West Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: West Virginia
Woman Marriages: Yes
Woman Age at First Marriage: 17
Number of Children Ever Born: 6
Attended School or College: No
Highest Grade Completed: High School, 2nd year
Class of Worker: Unpaid family worker
Income: 0
Income Other Sources: No
Native Language: English
Veteran: No
Veteran Father Dead: No
Social Security Number: No

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