Reign of Terror Timeline


The Reign Of Terror

01/01/1793 - 07/28/1794

During this time, Robespierre wished to purge France of any who might oppose the French revolution. He believed in the work of Rousseau, that all men are born pure, but become corrupted by society.

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The Jacobins

08/01/1789 - 07/28/1794

These were a series of clubs where the elite, the artists, the tradesmen, and the deputies met to discuss. At least, that's what it was supposed to be. In reality, they ended up doing a lot of the more unsightly things in the revolution. They died out soon after Robespierre did.

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The French Republic

07/14/1789 - 05/18/1804

After people freaked out and murdered a bunch of royalty, france declared itself a republic, and this lasted until nepolian turned it into an empire.

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Usage of the Guilliotine

1792 - 1799

The most popular tool of the revolution, the guillotine was quick, clean, and a painless killer. The deaths caused by this device by the end of the conflict reached 15,000-40,000.

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05/06/1758 - 07/28/1794

Known as the "incorruptible," Robespierre was a man who was set on his ideals. Perhaps he went a little too far with them, because he got executed in 1794.

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Comittee of Public Saftey

04/06/1793 - 07/28/1794

The stand in government during the reign of terror.

The Thermidorian Reaction

07/26/1794 - 07/27/1794

Robespierre gave a speech full of appeals and threats, and the National convention decided they were sick of him. They declared his arrest, along with 4 others. over the next 3 days, 104 of his followers were executed.

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11/16/1791 - 06/02/1793

A group of persons who were influential lawyers, intellectuals, and journalists. They lobbied to make sure their opinions were known, and were quite well respected for a time. Then they were blamed for a loss, and had to flee.

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Fall of Robispierre

07/27/1794 - 07/28/1794

After robispierre had two of his friends executed, people started to think that he might be a tyrant. They had him executed on the 28th of july, along with many of his followers.