North Korean Timeline


Korea Splits


After Japan surrenders, the Korean peninsula is divided in half at the 38th parallel between Soviet and American occupation.

South Korea Joins the War


South Korea joins the Vietnam War.

Axe Murder Incident


Panmunjom, Joint Security Area. Norths first official apology to South.

North and South Korea Agree to Ban Nuclear Weapons

December 31, 1991

North and South Korea announce that they have initialed an agreement banning nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula, but the two sides do not settle on measures to ensure compliance.

North Korea Tests Missiles

May 29, 1993

North Korea successfully tests mid range missiles. Japan fears the missiles range.

President Kim Il-sung Dies

July 9, 1994

President Kim Il-sung dies and his son Kim Jong-il claims power.

Kim Jong Un claims Power After Fathers Death

December 29, 2011