Medieval Virginity

Church History

Crises in Roman Empire

200 AD - 400 AD

political, economic crises. plague.

Emperor Dioclecian

284 AD - 305 AD

Tries to fix crises with "the Unity of the Body Politic" (a political system that compares the state to a human body). He identifies Christians who refuse to sacrifice to the Roman Gods as the problem. Kills people who will not make sacrifices to Jupiter.

Edict of Milan

313 AD

Edict of religious toleration, end of Christian martyrdom. Start of "Yogic Christianity" - control of the body and monasticism.

Council of Nicea

325 AD

Solidifies Official Christian doctrine. Collaboration begins between the secular state and the Christian church.

Islam/The Qu'ran

610 AD

The Angel Gabriel appears to Mohammed.

Emperor Charlemagne

800 AD - 814 AD

Charlemagne becomes Holy Roman Emperor. Creates unified Christian empire in Western Europe.