Democratic Party


Democratic Party funded

January 1, 1792

The party was founded by Thomas Jefferson.

why ?

February 1, 1792

The party was formed to fight against the Federalist Party for the Bill of Rights.

president and vice president

March 1796

Thomas Jefferson was a presidential candidate and Aaron Burr was vice president.

what they opposed

May 1816

The party opposed Federalist policies, like high tarrifs, a navy, military spending, and a national bank

Policy of Peace

Sep 1820

Pesident James monroe created a policy of peace with the past poltical opponents.


Nov 2008

As of Novemeber 2008 35% of Americans declare themselves democrats

Issues the Democratic Party faces

April 2009

The democratic Party feels strongly about gun control. They feel that guns should not just be administered to anyone but anyone who wants to get a license.

Influential Democrats

Sep 2010

Hilary Clintion is a very influential democrat in today's society

More issues

Sep 2010

Democrats belive a woman has control and say over her own body, and that she should have her own choice on abortion. Democrats are pro-life