Muhammad's Life

Muhammad's life


570 C.E.

Muhammad was born in the city of Makkah. After his birth, his mother sent him to a family of Bedouins in the desert to learn Arab traditions.


576 C.E.

Before he was born, his father died. Soon after Muhammad returned to the city, his mother died. He then stayed with his grandfather. He then died shortly; hence, Muhammad stayed with his uncle, Abu Talib, who was a merchant.


595 C.E.

When he was 25, he started to work for a 40 year old widow. She was really fond of him because he was a very nice gentleman. Soon, she proposed marriage. Together, they had a few children. Fatimah, one of their daughters, was the only one to have a child. This began the Muhummad blood line.


610 C.E.

He went to pray in a cave because there was a lot of war between the Makkan tribes. It was there, according to Islamic teachings, that he was told by the angel Gabriel that he was to be a prophet of God, or Allah called by the Arabs.


613 C.E.

Around this time, Muhammad started preaching to other Makkans that there is only one true god, and that they should worship him instead of fake gods.

Tragedies and Miracles

619 C.E.

Khadija, Muhammad's wife, and Abu Talib, Muhammad's uncle, died that year. But the Qur'an( or Koran), the holy book of Islam, mentioned that a miracle happened, known as the Night Journey. A winged horse took Muhammad to Jerusalem, where he saw met earlier prophets, like Abraham, Jesus and Moses.

From Makkah to Madinah

622 C.E

Some of the tribes that lived in Makkah teamed up to create a boycott, because they did not want to become Muslims. They kicked out Muhammad and his followers out of Makkah. A few Muslims from a city, Yathrib, invited them to stay there. They soon renamed the city Madinah meaning the city of the prophet.


624 C.E.

A fight broke between the Muslims and Makkans.