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April 2010

Photos Added: Many Faces of Mickey


Music Release: 'Make A Wave'


Part of Disney's Friends for Change campaign. Posted a music video for 'Make a Wave' and encouraged users to purchase the track. 100% of proceeds to benefit environmental charities.

Video Added: The Lion King Live


Montage video of the Live Action Musical version of The Lion King.

Video Added: Disney's Prince of Persia WonderCon Panel


Posted a video of the 'star-studdend' WonderCon (comic convention) panel. There was no mention of the event before it happened.

Video Added: Disney Planet Challenge


The winning class for an environmental challenged received a surprise message from Mickey Mouse.

Movie Release: Disney's Oceans


Linked to Disneynature Facebook page - a separate site from the official Facebook page. By purchasing Oceans trading cards, in celebration of the films release, Disney will make a donation to their various environmental charities in your name.

Trailer Release: Secretariat


Film not released to Theatres until October.

May 2010

Video Added: Mary Poppins Live


Fans talk about their experiences watching the live musical. Post includes a link to the official Mary Poppins Facebook Fan page.

Disney's Planet Challenge Grand Prize Ceremony


Ceremony for 6th grade class who won the Disney Planet Challenge at Walk Disney World.

Photos Added: Disney Villains


Posted 5 photos of Disney villains asked Fans 'Which is your Favourite'?

Disney Tickets Together Onsale


Posted a video sneak peek of Toy Story 3 and announcement that Disney Tickets Together now had Toy Story 3 tickets available for sale. Linked to the Facebook application. No video or instructions for how to purchase ticket/use the application were provided.

June 2010

Movie Release: Prince of Persia


Prince of Persia opens in Theatres. Post includes a youtube.com link to trailer.

Photos Added: Tangled Concept Art


Previews artwork for upcoming film and promises a new trailer will be premiered in the following week.

Disney Tickets Together Application Video


The Disney Tickets Together application allowed users to see which of their friends were attending movies (if they had also bought them through the application), invite friends to see a movie, pick show times and locations, and purchase tickets through the Facebook interface. Disney posted a video taking users through this process, and explained that "You've got tickets to Toy Story 3, all without ever leaving Facebook!" The tagline of the initiative is "No friend left behind" (in anticipation of Toy Story 3.)

This post received some negative comments from users who were not comfortable sharing private banking information through Facebook because of their lax and constantly revised privacy policy. They agreed it was a good idea, but not through Facebook. Other users had problems accessing this application from other parts of the world.

Photos Added: E3 Video Game


Asked Fans which Disney Video game they were most excited to see at E3 (although they do not talk about what E3 is anywhere on the page). Posted an album of different images from video games.

Trailer Release: Tangled


Video premiere of new Disney trailer, including a link to youtube.com. This update received 430 comments and was 'liked' by 3,199 Fans.

Video Added: Toy Story 3 Video Game


Disney VoluntEARS Update


Update of how much the Disney volunteer effort has raised in the past year. Asked users what they do to volunteer in their community. This update received 173 comments and was 'liked' by 1, 047 Fans.

Movie Release: Toy Story 3


Post included an announcement of Toy Story 3's opening in theatres and a video highlighting newly developed characters from the new film.

Preview: Tinkerbell


A sneak peek at the straight-to-video release of a new Tinkerbell film.

Video Added: Fantasia


Sneak peek video that compares classic the Disney film 'Fantasia' and the new live action remake, The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Draws on old footage, and interviews.

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