Untitled timeline


French-British Contact: precursor to Canada

British took control of Acadia


British took control in "Canada" begins

Battle of the plains of Abraham


The English defeated the Freanch and took control of Quebec city. (James Wolfe was the leader of the English military. Marquis De Montcalm was the leader of the Freanch militia)

Royal proclamation&Treaty of paris


To satisfy loyalists who disliked the quebec act, 2 colonies were carved out of Quebec- upper and lower Canada.

Freanch relinquished almost all of its territory in North America.

Quebec Act


Guaranteed rights to Freanch Canadians by stating by protecting their property possessions and recognizing system of land tenure, Freanch civil, commerce, traditional inheritance rights and women's property rights; helped trigger the 1775
American war of independance.

American Declaration of independance.


Gave legal recognition of Aboriginals by defining reverve land and establishing a constitution framework for treaties.

Responsible Goverment adopted& the Constitution act


The executive branch of government was made responsible to elected legislature in Canada.

To satisfy loyalists who disliked the Quebec act two colenies were carved out of Quebec-upper and lower Canada.

War of 1812

1812 - 1815

The United States wanted to drive the britsh out of north America; promted the beginings of Canadian community. The white house was burnt down

Upper and lower Canadaian rebellions

1837 - 1838

Attemps to overthrow the corrupt governments in upper and lower Canada. (rebellions were unsuccessful.)

Durham Report


Recommended responsible government and recomended the union of upper and lower Canada.

Act of Union


Upper and lower canada were joined together.



Canada offically becomes a country.