The Korean War


US Delegate asks UN to assist Korea to restore international peace.

June 21, 1950

North Korea crosses the 38th Parallel, invading South Korea.

June 25, 1950

North Korea's tanks reach the outskirts of Seoul.

June 26, 1950

Truman commits US Naval and Air support to South Korea.

June 27, 1950

General MacArthur flies to South Korean headquarters at Suwon.

June 29, 1950

US announces in UN its goal of a unified, anti-Communist Korea.

August 17, 1950

US Army crosses 38TH Parallel near Kaesong.

October 9, 1950

South Korean ROK forces annihilated by PRC forces at Pukchin.

October 25, 1950

Truman declares a state of national emergency.

December 15, 1950

Peace Treaty signed at Panmunjom.

July 27, 1953